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Our service goes much further than just designing a web page. Included in our package price are:

  • Design of the web page.
  • Buying the URL and setting up at a web host.
  • Registering the business in “Google Business”. A good representation in Google Business is often more valuable than the webpage itself.
  • SEO – Search engine Optimization
  • We will watch the performance of your page for the next 1 year and try to improve your traffic and ranking.
  • Small changes on the pages are at no cost for a period of 1 year. Thereafter we might charge a small fee.

Senator Casino

Kilua Beach Resort

Mombasa Go-Kart

Maasai Resort

Nauras Towers

Severin Craftsman Training Center

Atlas Travel World

Eddie's Safari

Kenya Fishing

Barefoot Beach Camp

Music Moves


School Information System

Take a look at our fully customized school information system. It is an off the shelf product which provides user-friendly dashboards with login access for all related users. It has various features that facilitates all the processes of your institution .


Besides simple web pages we offer also more complex solutions including databases,real time displays, web shops and payment support, Bulk SMS and E-mails, etc...

  • Complex pages including:- Web shops, ticket sales, etc.
  • Database solutions
  • Management systems like a school management system
  • ERP - Electronic resource planning

School Information System

Recruitment Agency Web-Page

Expenses Control For Hotel In Mombasa

Quality Stock System For KTSL

Clinic Management System

Severin Training Center Management System

Interactive Web-Application for Karaoke Hosts

Reporting System for a Go-Kart track

Expenses Control For The Maintenance Department of a Hotel in Mombasa

Requesting expenses from different Budgets - Approval by one or several dedicated persons - Purchase by staff or over company - Refund when bought by staff - Bullet proof prodedure - Straight foward and transparent.


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